Investing in the latest healthcare technology often involves high costs. CHG-MERIDIAN can identify when investments are really worthwhile for hospitals and care facilities.

Medical equipment and IT are merging

Healthcare without IT is unthinkable these days, as it plays an increasingly important role in many work processes. This trend is set to continue, and medical equipment and IT will be linked even more closely in the future. The Federation of German Healthcare IT Providers (bvit) states in its 2016 sector report that already more than 90 percent of practicing physicians and hospitals cannot function without IT. The study attaches similar importance to IT security and the integration of medical equipment and IT.

It is here that we aim to apply our experience in a wide range of technology environments to extend our business model into the healthcare technology sector. Our extensive network enables us to find the right partner for your specific needs during every phase.

Juggling patient well-being and economic challenges

By implementing efficient technology management it is possible to improve patient care while reducing overall costs. Your personal advisor at CHG-MERIDIAN will perform a detailed portfolio analysis of your medical equipment infrastructure.

Where is equipment being used and how was it funded? Together with our partners we also take this further. Where is there an oversupply or undersupply of technical equipment? How are maintenance costs developing? Can the procurement of consumables be optimised?

We can help you with our commercial and technical expertise:

  • Harmonisation of equipment inventories
  • Replacement of unsuitable technology
  • Reduction of number of suppliers
  • Profitable disposal of old equipment
  • Streamlining of processes


Our customised business concepts generate significant savings for you and raise your patient care to the highest level.

You will benefit from leaner processes, reduced complexity, greater transparency, and lower administrative expenses.


CHG-MERIDIAN provides flexible financing, effective support, and technology lifecycle management that adds value.

CHG-MERIDIAN ensures the financing of medical equipment and IT is flexible – together we can find a transparent, customised billing model to suit your needs. Only pay for what you are using in the way that is best for you: pay-as-you-earn, pay-per-patient, pay-per-theater, or as an overall financing package

We also help you to bring investment volumes into line with commercial targets (ROI, budget, costs) and financial reporting requirements (US GAAP, IFRS, etc.).


Effective support for smooth operation

Your personal advisor at CHG-MERIDIAN is there to help you with the successful implementation of your healthcare investments and their budget-friendly operation. He or she is your single point of contact, and you can speak directly to your advisor about the many services we offer, such as ordering, installing, maintaining, collecting, and remarketing medical and IT equipment:

  • End-to-end equipment tracking in TESMA®
  • Non-captive maintenance and warranty concepts
  • Temporary use of low-cost used or replacement equipment (in cooperation with selected partners)
  • Standardised management of consumables

A secure end to the equipment lifecycle that also adds value

If the product lifecycle of your healthcare technology ends, we offer you the choice of returning, upgrading, or continuing to use it. CHG-MERIDIAN and our partners ensure correct de-installation and complete removal.

Apart from creating value, our main concern is data protection. Equipment that cannot be remarketed is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way according to international standards. On request we can also carry out certified data erasure of disk drives and data storage media containing sensitive patient data, also based on international standards.


Overall financing

We can also offer an all-inclusive financing package where you pay one single installment for equipment and services. This could be anything from the financing of workplace PCs, medical imaging equipment, or a sterile laboratory to the fitting out of an entire cafeteria.


With this individual financing method the costs are distributed throughout the useful life of the equipment. Your lease installments are based on the expected income and the usage of the equipment.


If you want to finance your operating theater, we can quote a rate for the complete cost of an operating theater based on the operations performed.


This flexible financing method matches your income streams. It evolves in line with the patient-based flat-rate fees and is also covered by these.